Santa Cruz Auto Repair 328 Reviews 4.9
Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (831) 476-4476


6/1/2017 Ellen Ortiz Fantastic as always
5/26/2017 Mike Valen Great service as always!
5/12/2017 Chrissann Mccann Reliable work, good people!
5/9/2017 Debbie Nutcher Bobby's has always done a thorough job with my vehicle. I trust them to keep my SUV in excellent running condition. Recently, Dusti was able to pinpoint the source of an oil leak. He also found the reason that my car was 'jerking' at times: very low pressure in one of my tires. It's very reassuring knowing that I am safe on the roads because Bobby's mechanics are dedicated to their customers' vehicles.
5/1/2017 Ellen Ortiz Always helpful, always honest. If they say it needs to be done right away, it does. Love that I'm told when a repair can "wait for a while"!
4/3/2017 Paul Wagner Great, as usual - thanks!
3/30/2017 Rebecca Mastoris You guys are the BEST-Love your service and kind reception!
3/24/2017 Amy Fitts Awesome, as always!
3/10/2017 Debbie Farquhar Everyone there is friendly and the service is very good & professional.
3/9/2017 Bonnie Bedzin Always, fast, complete, honest and articulate about car issues and choices.
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